Summer Reading 2023

 Upper School Summer Reading Assignments

Our summer reading selections give us a place to begin, a table to set that enables our students to make connections not only at the beginning of the school year, but also throughout a lifetime of learning. We don’t want to force-feed information or our own connections. We want to lead students to make their own. And that is our invitation.

In Beauty in the Word: Rethinking the Foundations of Education, Stratford Caldecott writes that education is not solely about acquiring information nor solely about acquiring skills “to equip us for particular roles in society. It is about how we become more human . . . Too often we have not been educating our humanity. We have been educating ourselves for doing rather than for being.”

In the remaining weeks of summer, our hope is that our students will be able to read and engage with a work new to them, to stretch their imaginations, and more importantly, to recognize more of who they are through reading.

7th Grade Summer Reading 2023

8th Grade Summer Reading 2023

9th-12th Grade Summer Reading 2023


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