The Staff of
Sager Classical Academy

The Staff
of SCA

Jim Wilmeth
Head of School

“There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every matter under heaven—“, Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NASB)
Thank you for your interest in Sager Classical Academy (SCA). At SCA, teachers and parents work together to lead children to appreciate and love beauty, truth, and goodness in the world around them. We recognize the primary influence for students is their parent or guardian, and thus we welcome them as a critical component of the learning journey. Together, we strive to prepare children not for a single season but for all the seasons of their life.
Do you desire for your children to know how to think, communicate and act in accordance with truth? Are you committed to creating in your child the ability to appreciate the beauty of the greatest artists while also being awestruck by the beauty of the sunset painted by the Master Artist? Do you desire them to explore the depths of the sciences with a pursuit of what is good for the human race? Do you desire for them to live a life of love for the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit?  If so, I invite you to investigate us further.

Heidi Demarais
Operations Director

Mallorey Thompson
Lower School Dean

Kristin Bergthold

Rachel Caldwell

Julianna Boehmer
1st Grade

Jenny Wallis
1st Grade

Cheryl Metcalfe
2nd Grade

Becky Kelly
2nd Grade

Elizabeth Spencer
3rd Grade

Audrea Vore
3rd Grade

Amie Naustvik
4th Grade

Marianna Taylor
4th grade

Rachael Thrailkill
5th Grade

Rosie Bishop
6th grade

Christine Norvell
Upper School Dean

Kristin Stewart
Administrative Assistant

Melanie Denmark

Nate Quilling
Fitness for Life

Cherissa Roebuck

Jennifer Spence
Health & Safety

Chandler Coleman
Upper School Math, Science & Latin

Stephen Irby
Upper School Humanities

Jessica Presley
Upper School Math

Miranda Stephens
Upper School Science

Nikki Cook
Friday Arts