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Frequently Asked Questions

Upper School drop off (7th-11th grades) is 7:40-7:55 a.m.; chapel begins at 8:00 a.m. Pick up is at 2:40 p.m. Lower School drop off (K-6th grade) is 7:45-8:00 a.m.; chapel begins at 8:10 a.m. Pick up for K-6th grades is 12:30 p.m.

A sample day in the Lower School: after chapel, each student goes to their assigned class and instruction begins. At the Grammar stage, students study Bible, World History (starting with the Ancients), various sciences at each age level, Math, Latin, Phonetics/Spelling/Vocabulary, Grammar/Writing/and Handwriting, Literature, and Recitation. Although the list of “subjects” seems lengthy, many of these areas are integrated and connected in order for the learning of students to take root. For instance, a student may be studying Egyptian Pharaohs in History alongside their Bible reading from Exodus with a Recitation of the Ten Commandments and a writing assignment that connects all of the above. The goal of classical, Christian education is to invite children into the stories of history, to awaken their senses  to the beauty around them, and to encourage and foster a desire to enter into conversation.

One way students experience all five senses is through the arts. Students at SCA are able to participate in Fitness for Life, Music Appreciation and Art/Theater. Whether students engage in a composer study and listen to music from several genres, or participate in a health study focusing on how to strengthen the temple the Lord has given us through eating well and exercise, or act out a scene from Shakespeare, our students are given opportunities to enjoy ART in various forms.

As the parent, you are the primary educator of your child, whether s/he attends home, private, or public school. At Sager Classical Academy, parents register their children as homeschoolers because they will not be enrolled for a full day of instruction for five days a week.

The deadline for parents to register their children is August 15. A Notice of Intent submitted after this date for a student currently enrolled in public school will be subject to a waiting period of 5 school days before releasing the student to be home-schooled.

At SCA, we expect a partnership with parents, in that your child’s education in the classroom is  reinforced at home. Teachers provide a Monday Matrix weekly to guide parents in their role. Because 40 hours each week is unnecessary for instructing children, they should have the majority of their afternoons and evenings to be playing, exploring their creativity, and enjoying where their curiosity takes them.

SCA’s in-class hours of instruction gradually increase according to the age of the children. For K-2, this is 16 hours a week (four half-days). In 3-5, this is 20 hours a week (five half-days). In 6th grade and above students are offered 28 hours of instruction (four full days and one half-day). All of these schedules include arts, fitness, and study time. SCA promotes time at home for the aforementioned play, exploration, and curiosity with family.

Spots in the optional K-2nd grade Friday Enrichment program will be given to fully enrolled SCA students first. Non-SCA K-2 students who wish to participate in Friday Enrichment only are invited to inquire in August to see if spaces are available.

We offer an optional Friday Enrichment program for K-2nd grade, and then art, music, theater and fitness are built in to the 3rd-12th grade curriculum throughout the week.

SCA is a classical school, so teaching Latin is near the heart of things. It is best to know one language well instead of a smattering of languages. Latin is the root of six Romance languages and shares many cognates with English. As a dead language, the logic of the language has not changed, so it forms students’ minds logically and prepares them for other studies, such as geometry, grammar, etc. As SCA grows, there may be options for taking Greek at the Rhetoric stage and potentially other foreign language instruction.

Yes! The application for tuition assistance opens February 1st and closes April 15. Families wishing to be considered for tuition assistance should first register their students. Next, families are invited to complete the online assistance qualifying process with Independent School Management’s FAST aid. (Fast Aid charges a non-refundable $53 fee to complete the tuition assistance application.) Tuition assistance applications are reviewed by the school’s Tuition Assistance Committee and they make award recommendations.  Families are notified of award decisions in mid-to-late April.

Sager Classical Academy is committed to partnering with parents to help ensure that finances do not create a barrier to seeking a classical, Christian education. We encourage parents to consider applying for tuition assistance in appropriate circumstances. Please don’t let a possible financial burden keep you from applying to SCA.

This worksheet, provided by FAST Aid, will help you know what information you will need to have ready when you complete the tuition assistance application. In addition, here is a Parent User Guide from FAST Aid.

Christian faith is not required for students or parents to attend SCA. The Christian worldview does, however, guide all of our teaching. Chapel attendance is also required at the start of each day; this will be ecumenical, open to all. SCA is not associated with a denomination. However, a statement of faith is published on the website and in registration materials. The expectation is that all students and parents support the statement of faith, whether or not they believe each statement.

While accreditation means little at the grammar school stage, we are evaluating the merits of aligning ourselves with an accrediting organization that matches our portrait of a graduate for our upper school. Accreditation can have advantages, but it is not a prerequisite for a student’s entry into college.

SCA is a member of the Society for Classical Learning.

SCA strives to maintain an average 12:1 ratio. The goal of SCA is to keep classes small no matter the size of the institution.

There is a dress code but not an official uniform. Students should wear khakis (either shorts/pants for boys with the option of skirts for girls), navy, white, or heather gray polos, or white button-down shirts (collared), and closed-toe shoes. The SCA French Toast shop is available for viewing here.  Parents are not required to purchase items from this site, but it provides a visual reference for the dress code. A more detailed dress code is provided to parents.

Because SCA is not accredited, it is not necessary to require certification for teachers. However, SCA is committed to employing teachers who have the highest standards of pedagogy and are committed to their ongoing professional development.

The application for the 2024-2025 school year is open.  Completing the application is the first step.

Once a student’s online application is completed there is a non-refundable $295 administrative fee due per student.

New families: once you complete the online application, enrollment steps include: attending an information session (these are held monthly from January through April); paying the non-refundable administrative fee of $295/student; meeting with one of the Deans; and having your student complete an academic assessment.  Once you have completed all of these steps, we will notify you of your student’s acceptance. Once your student is accepted and you accept the spot, we will ask you to make a commitment to pay the full year’s tuition.

For each school year, tuition will be expected by June 1 (for fall semester) and November 1 (for spring semester). Paying by check or cash is the preferred method. If you pay by credit card, you should expect a 3.8% transaction fee added to your payment.  There are also quarterly and monthly payment options.  Please enquire if you are interested.

Tuition/fees and Schedule for 2024-2025:

Administrative fee per student: $295

K-2nd: Mon-Thurs (1/2 days) $3650/year

3rd-6th: Mon-Fri (1/2 days, integrated cultural arts) $4515/year

7th-12th: Mon-Fri (4 full days, 1/2 day on Friday, integrated cultural arts) $6145/year

*1/2 day: 8:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. (subject to adjustment); full day: 8:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m. (subject to adjustment)

K-2nd: Friday Enrichment (1/2 day) $865/year + $75 supply fee

A sibling enrolled in SCA will receive $300 off his or her tuition. A third child and beyond will each receive $500 off.

Under the 529 plan, you may now deduct up to $10,000 from your gross income towards private K-12 education. You are also able to donate to SCA at any time.

Visit: Registration

Information sessions are held monthly January-April. Please check our calendar for details. We also invite parents and students to visit and observe classes in session and we provide opportunities for students to participate in shadow days.  To schedule a visit, contact us by email or phone: [email protected]; (539) 302.7443.

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